Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things I Have Said Today

  1. It's not morning yet.  Go back to bed. 
  2. Did you change your underwear?  We change our underwear every morning.
  3. Hands out of your pants.
  4. We don't hurt the cat.
  5. Quiet voice.  No yelling.
  6. Don't lick the window.
  7. Get off the couch like that.
  8. He's making a hurt noise.  Let him go.
  9. Yelling hurts my ears.  Quiet voice.
  10. You're right.  I'm trying to ruin your life.
  11. Do you have to pee?  Then don't grab that.
  12. Stop licking the mirror.
  13. Keep your spit in your mouth.
  14. Did you remember to wipe?  Go fix that.
  15. Stop torturing the cat.
  16. Jump on the trampoline, not my couch.
  17. I know, I am the meanest mom ever.  Now do your homework.
  18. Let go of your sister.  You're choking her.
  19. Stop kicking your brother.
  20. I'm gonna lock you both in your rooms if you don't stop it now.
  21. Don't wipe your nose on me, use a kleenex!
  22. Plates aren't garbage.  Take it out of the garbage please.
  23. Eww!  Did you just lick me?
  24. Get off of her!
  25. Do your homework.  
  26. Clean your room.  No, it's not my room, I won't clean it for you.
  27. I don't care if you like it messy.
  28. Because I said so.
  29. I didn't ask you what you want to do.
  30. Is it bedtime yet?


  1. Wow, I can relate to just about all of these. The other day I had to tell my 8 yo to stop trying to peel his sister's face with the potato peeler. Not something I ever thought I would say.

    1. We haven't had any potato peeler incidents, but my daughter did once threaten her brother with a pizza cutter! :)

  2. Except for the licking and comments regarding a sister, this sounds like my house most days of the week. Okay, every day that both boys are here, which is every day that someone doesn't take pity on me (like my MIL in the summer). Fun.

    1. Yep. Pretty normal day for us too.