Saturday, March 26, 2011

Enter to Win a Give-Away from Soft Clothing and the SPD Bloggers Network

If you know my kids at all, you've picked up on the fact that they are very "picky" about their clothing.  Squirrel prefers dresses with tights, or comfy pants (think yoga pants) with snug cotton shirts.  Munchkin refuses to wear anything with a zipper or button.  He lives in sweat pants and t-shirts.  Squirrel's very particular about her sock seams lining up perfectly, and will only wear a certain kind of underwear.  Munchkin could care less how his socks go on, but wants to wear his shoes on the wrong feet because he likes the extra pressure they provide that way.   Both kids hate tags in their clothes.  Munchkin won't wear a sweater or sweatshirt, because it "chokes" him.  Squirrel hates collars because they "itch" her.  Munchkin really hates wearing a coat, especially one with buttons instead of a zipper.

My kids aren't being picky.  They both have some measure of tactile defensiveness, though they each show it in different ways.  This means that certain textures on the skin can actually cause them pain, distress, or just discomfort.  They can't ignore it, or deal with it--it will take over their thoughts until the problem is fixed.  

So I have learned to supply them with clothing that they will wear.  Yes, it means that on Christmas Munchkin wore black cotton pants with an elastic waistband and a red t-shirt instead of the cute Christmas-themed 3-piece sweater set a friend gave us for him.  And it means that Squirrel goes to school everyday with her collared uniform shirts driving her batty. And I'm sure that strangers are tempted to call Child Protective Services on me because my children are walking outside with no coats on, while I am bundled in hat, scarf and gloves and it's 30 degrees out.  But for the most part, we get along fine with our wardrobes--we've learned to make it work for us!  

So, anyway...I discovered Soft Clothing Company awhile back, and have purchased several items from their clothing line.  My kids love their clothes.  They are all made of soft cotton, with flat seams and no tags.  Their socks are awesome--if they made them in adult sizes,  I'd buy for myself!  They are offering a great give-away just in time for Easter, along with the SPD Blogger Network.  Follow the link below to sign up for a chance to win a great Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids, filled with many cool toys and books, and a Spring outfit from Soft Clothing!

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